The Basking Spot: Reptariums

The Basking Spot

This month, the Basking Spot is on…Reptariums!  These lightweight, easy to clean, easy to move mesh cages are a fantastic product with a range of uses.  They have an easy to put together frame that requires no extra tools for assembly, and the mesh screen is durable and stands up to regular cleaning and use.  Even if your screen does become worn or frayed, replacement screens are inexpensive and super simple to order.

reptarium cage

A fully assembled Reptarium cage

Uses for reptariums range from setting up temporary housing for arboreal animals such as chameleons, climbing geckos, or small lizards, to actual large cages ideal for larger chameleon species.  They also make it exceptionally easy to set up an outdoor enclosure for your diurnal pets (such as the Bearded Dragons in this month’s Reptile Times), giving them the option to enjoy some natural sunlight in a secure manner.  The mesh and plastic framework are completely rust proof, so when it comes time to clean your reptarium – you can simply hose it down!  Removing the animal first is recommended, of course.  😉

Reptarium Parts

Reptariums are an easy to put together plastic tube frame, with a simple arrangement of parts that are easy to figure out even without a set of instructions.  The mesh slides over the plastic tube framework, and is quickly oriented around the frame.  Lastly, included with the reptarium are cord holders, small plastic clips that hold cords in place when light fixtures are resting on top of the reptarium.  As long as the light bulb does not directly touch the mesh, it is safe to rest the fixture on top of your reptarium.

Reptarium Soft Tray

You can also add a soft tray to your reptarium for the option to add substrate to your cage, or to catch water if using the cage indoors.  For increased humidity in your reptarium, use multiple soft trays on the different sides.  Each reptarium size has 2 soft tray size options to allow you to orient your cage whichever way you’d like.  Yet another perk to the reptariums – you can orient them any direction you’d like.  There’s no top or bottom to them, it’s just whichever way works best for you!

Reptariums also disassemble quickly for easy storage when not in use, so they can be used seasonally as needed.  Live in an area with wild fires, tornados, or hurricanes?  Keep a few reptariums on hand as emergency evacuation cages!    There are only minor limitations in the use of your reptarium.  One minor limitation is that the mesh cannot withstand strong claws attached to a heavy animal, and larger lizard species may be able to rip the mesh.  Reptariums also are not ideal long term housing options for snakes, but if used short term (in the case of evacuation or moving), use of a soft tray and substrate is recommended.

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