The Basking Spot: Timer Power Centers – October 2012

The Basking Spot

By Jonathan Rheins

This month, in The Basking Spot, we take a look at the line of Power Center Timers from Zilla.  These easy-to-use timers are available in 3 different models to suit the needs of every reptile keeper.  In addition to functioning as a basic on/off timer, these units allow for the control of multiple sets of lights and can be programmed for multiple daily on/off cycles!
Power Centers take all of the guesswork out of day/night cycles for you and your animals.  By providing a regular, consistent photoperiod, your animals will feel more comfortable.  Reduction of environmental stress plays a huge part in the behavior, feeding, and breeding of many herps.
Zilla Power Centers will allow full control and programmability of all your heating and lighting devices. By controlling 2 sets of lights (day and night) on a single timer you can have all of your daytime bulbs turn off automatically at the same time that your nighttime bulbs turn on!
Regardless of how the timer dial is set, the blue and yellow sockets will always operate opposite each other.  That is, when blue sockets are turned on, the yellow are off, and vice versa.

The Analog Power Center is the basic model and is designed to operate 2 sets of lights (or other heating devices) on alternate cycles.   The unit has a total of 8 grounded receptacles.  Four of the receptacles are white, and these are “always on.” Think of the white sockets as operating like a standard extension cord.  The remaining 4 receptacles (2 blue and 2 yellow) are for lights/heaters that are to be turned on and off as per the timer.

The Dual Analog Power Center operates in a similar manner, but is designed to control up to 3 sets of lights.  Two separate analog timers built directly into the unit allow for maximum control of electronic components.  As with the single timer unit, there are a total of 8 receptacles.  One socket is white in color and always on.  There are 2 blue and 2 black sockets that function on an alternate on/off cycle, just as the blue and yellow do on the basic model.
Additionally, the Dual Analog model has 3 yellow sockets that operate independently of the blue and black sockets and are operated by the second timer dial.  With this single unit, undertank heat pads, UV lights, basking lights, and nocturnal bulbs can all be operated independently of each other for maximum control.
The Digital Power Center features an entirely digital interface and allows for the most exact and extensive programming.  The layout and function of the white, blue, and yellow sockets on the Digital Power Center are the same as for the basic analog model.  However, the digital timer allows for up to 7 distinct on/off cycles per day, and each day can be programmed separately and distinctly.
All models are rated to handle up to 1875 watts and 15 amps.  All plugs and sockets and grounded for safety and each socket has a rotating safety cover to keep dust and water out.
Each Power Center is adjustable to 15-minute increments, ensuring a consistent and natural day/night cycle for your reptiles.
Whether you have 2 reptiles, or 200, the Zilla Power Center will make your life easier, and your pets happier!

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